your #1st fansite for Elizabeth Reaser!

Today (July 22nd) is the sites eighth birthday! It is hard to believe that so much time has passed! I was sixteen when when Gwen asked me if I would help with the site! 😯 How crazy is that?!

How long have you been coming to the site? How did you find out about it? I would love to hear your stories in the comments!


Elizabeth is going to be in the play The Babylon Line later this year! Congratulations Elizabeth!

She will be working with Josh Radnor again and you may remember they were both in Liberal Arts.

You can read more about the play below thanks to Theater Mania.

Set in 1967, the work follows a writer from Greenwich Village (Radnor) who commutes to Levittown to teach a writing class. As his students discover the power of storytelling, one special student (Reaser) reawakens his own artistic impulses.

The site also says that the play will be at Lincoln City Theater and performances begin on November 10th and opening night is December 5th!

Will you be seeing the play? I think it sounds really good! Keep an eye on the official play website (to the left of the site) to see when you can buy tickets!


As some of you already know today is Elizabeth’s 41st birthday! Be sure to leave her birthday messages on her Twitter and Instagram!

Elizabeth I hope you’re having a great day with your family and friends!



I have added some of Elizabeth’s latest Instagram photos to the gallery so be sure to check them out! 🙂


The trailer for Ouija 2: Origin of Evil has been released and you can watch it here on the site! I have also added screencaptures of Elizabeth in the trailer! Please do not take the screencaptures without giving credit to the site!

I watched the first movie last night after reading that Ouija 2 would be a prequel. What I found interesting is that we learned about Elizabeth and her children’s characters in the first movie! Watching this trailer gives an idea to what we will be seeing in the prequel!

Have you seen the first movie? Are you excited for the prequel? I am!


I have added screencaptures of Elizabeth in Hello, My Name Is Dorris and I hope you enjoy them! Have you seen the movie? What did you think? Please do not take these screencaptures without giving credit to the site!


Hello, My Name Is Dorris is now available for digital download! You can get it here on iTunes!

If you don’t have iTunes you can go to Go Watch It to see other ways to watch the movie!

The movie will also be available on DVD/Blu-Ray on June 14th and I will be making screencaptures for you soon! 🙂


Hello, My Name Is Doris is in theaters now! Be sure you go see the movie to support Elizabeth in her role as Dr. Edwards!

Here’s a fun fact: This is Elizabeth’s second time playing a doctor. She previously played one in the canceled TNT series Saved.


According to Deadline.Com Elizabeth has joined the cast of Netflix’s anthology series Easy! Congratulations Elizabeth! ♥

Easy, explores diverse Chicago characters as they fumble through the modern maze of love, sex, technology and culture.

The comedy-drama is said to consist of eight-stand-alone episodes showcasing the diversity of the city itself, focusing on characters from different neighborhoods and economic backgrounds.

We don’t know when the show will premiere but hopefully we will know soon!


As you may already know Elizabeth went to FX’s American Crime Story: The People V. O.J. Simpson Premiere and you can see pictures in the gallery!