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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Elizabeth has joined the TV show Manhunt: The Unabomer.

Manhunt: The Unabomer, formerly titled Manifesto, is an eight-episode series centered on the hunt for Ted Kaczynski (Paul Bettany), who terrified the nation with a letter bombing campaign in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Reaser will play the role of Ellie, the wife of Jim Fitzgerald (Sam Worthington), the FBI agent who deployed a radical approach to intelligence gathering to take down Kaczynski.

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Elizabeth and Josh Radnor went to AOL Build today to talk about their play The Babylon Line and you can watch the interview here on the site!

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You can now pre-order Ouija on Blu-Ray/DVD! It will be released on January 17th so be sure to order it and give it as a late holiday gift!

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More Ouija interviews have come out and you can watch them here!


More clips of Elizabeth in Ouija: Origin of Evil have been released and you can watch them here on the site!


Elizabeth talked about Ouija with Den of Geek and you can read some of it here! To read the full interview click on the link! 🙂

Den of Geek: Did you watch the first movie and were you aware of the back history set up there?

Elizabeth Reaser: I was aware of it, but because it was a very different movie, a different filmmaker, almost such a different world, it was more important for me to invest in our world and in the ’60s and the relationships with the kids and with Henry. That was really the real focus.

How far did you go in terms of the physical stuff you did?

There was a stunt woman, thank god, that helped me, because I really can’t go flying across the room and land on my tailbone at this age. It’s just not a good idea. It was intensely physical and just exhausting. Plus all the crying and the high, high intensity emotional stuff is really exhausting.

Did you do any research into mediums? Have you ever been to one yourself?

I did and I have. Some of the stuff is weird and some of it’s really believable and even scary. I think psychics, there are some people that really are psychic and it doesn’t make sense, but why should it make sense? To me there’s so much we don’t understand about our world and I think it’s really fascinating to see these people come up with the stuff that they come up with. Some of it is BS, but a lot of it isn’t, from what I’m seeing.

Did you ever go to one where you felt like it was the real thing?

Yeah, I did. I went to someone who knew things that they shouldn’t have known or that they couldn’t have known and predicted things that ended up being true. It unnerved me because I think I’m suggestible to begin with. It’s interesting.


Elizabeth talked about Ouija with Too Fab and you can read some of her interview here! To read the full interview click on the link!

toofab: Were you a fan of horror movies beforehand or was that kind of something you typically stayed away from?

I mean I’m not overly a fan, I get too scared. I tried to watch “Oculus” before my meeting with Mike Flanagan and I just, I had to turn it off I couldn’t handle it. But this movie was so … I’ve never seen a movie like this, about a single mother who’s a widow and her daughters in the late ’60s. I just thought, wow, were going to do this horror movie, but it’s going to be about a family and I thought that that was so unusual.

toofab: How was it with having these two young girls on a scary movie set, how were they?

They’re great. [Lulu Wilson] is like a grown woman when you talk to her. I knew when I met her I couldn’t talk to her like a child. She was an actress first and foremost and that was very unnerving but also very exciting because she was bringing so much to the table just from the first day. And [Annalise Basso] I think is so heartbreaking because she’s really so innocent and not like a child actor, she’s a real person when you watch her on screen.

toofab: Without getting into spoilers, do you think this film sets up another potential sequel?

Certainly. That last sort of thing really sets you up for something insane down the line, I really hope they take it there!