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Elizabeth talked about Ouija with Too Fab and you can read some of her interview here! To read the full interview click on the link!

toofab: Were you a fan of horror movies beforehand or was that kind of something you typically stayed away from?

I mean I’m not overly a fan, I get too scared. I tried to watch “Oculus” before my meeting with Mike Flanagan and I just, I had to turn it off I couldn’t handle it. But this movie was so … I’ve never seen a movie like this, about a single mother who’s a widow and her daughters in the late ’60s. I just thought, wow, were going to do this horror movie, but it’s going to be about a family and I thought that that was so unusual.

toofab: How was it with having these two young girls on a scary movie set, how were they?

They’re great. [Lulu Wilson] is like a grown woman when you talk to her. I knew when I met her I couldn’t talk to her like a child. She was an actress first and foremost and that was very unnerving but also very exciting because she was bringing so much to the table just from the first day. And [Annalise Basso] I think is so heartbreaking because she’s really so innocent and not like a child actor, she’s a real person when you watch her on screen.

toofab: Without getting into spoilers, do you think this film sets up another potential sequel?

Certainly. That last sort of thing really sets you up for something insane down the line, I really hope they take it there!


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