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Elizabeth gave an interview to Pinkvilla.Com about the sexual harassment in Hollywood and said this about it:

“Nothing about it surprises me. What surprises me is that people care to be honest; maybe that is a dark view, but I think it is an old story for women,” Reaser, 42, told IANS in a recorded response from Los Angeles.

“Women have been dealing with this in every industry since the beginning of time. It is a really challenging and scary thing to speak up. It is such an act of courage.”

“Usually people don’t believe you, or you become a victim again by sharing the story. There is a backlash. There are things that you can’t anticipate… that can go wrong by sharing the story. I really feel grateful to the people who have come forward because it is a heart-breaking and horrific truth of our world and the whole world in general.

“Women are still very vulnerable in show business because being a young or not-so-young woman, who wants to get a job, puts you in a vulnerable position. I think that dynamic is always tricky when a majority of people in power are men,” the actress added.

Reaser feels the outcry over the sexual harassment scandals will “make predators rethink some of their behaviour” and be “less inclined to these acts”.

“It is really up to us going forward on how one makes these decisions. Who do we want to put in power and in the power to tell stories or use the power to tell the stories… Hopefully, we will make everyone more accountable in every department because it is not just actresses (who are getting exploited).

“It is not just film industry. It is every industry around the world. The more we talk about it the more powerful it makes us all.”


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