your #1st fansite for Elizabeth Reaser!

Here are some answers to questions I’ve been asked as well as some I’ve added.

1) Where can I send fan mail to Elizabeth?
To see a address where you can send Elizabeth fan mail go here. If the address turns out to be wrong please let me know!!!

2) Is Elizabeth on Twitter?
Yes here are Elizabeth’s social networks:


3) Can I use the pictures from your gallery?
I would like you not to take pictures sent by others but you can. And as long as you do not remove tags from pictures if they’re present it’s fine if you use them. 🙂

4) Is this Elizabeth’s official site?
No this is just a fansite but who knows maybe some day.

5) Does Elizabeth know about this fansite?
Yes she does! You can see the Tweet I sent Elizabeth and her reply here! I have a feeling she may have already known about this fansite before her reply because one time she asked a fan if they had any Twilight site and she knew of the site they had.